Saturday, December 23, 2006

A word on Bourges

homonumos magazine in Bourges-France show: [Labox] : : COMMUNICATION : :

Hola a todos
wishes of health happiness and many published books!

We are featured in a art magazine show in Bourges France. Congratulations to all :)

Sincere thanks for writing, reading, supporting homonumos magazine
Christine (cricri) Bellerose

A presentation of documents on contemporary art
(magazines, reviews, websites, press releases)
+ works by Davide Bertocchi and Julia Varga

From 18 December 2006 to 13 January 2007
Opening Monday, 18 December 2006, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Ending reception Wednesday, 10 January 2007, at 6 p.m.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A word from the editor: on perspective, the oak and the bamboo.

Perspective is a set of mind based on biological decoding of the environment. An individual interprets what messages his/her senses perceive. The perspective adopted is in harmony with his/her cultural and social background. In the mix, his/her perspective will be subjected to his/her personal morals and ethics.

Here, is not China. Rather, it is the place where I am. Other selves surround me; hundreds of individuals share my space. These people are Chinese, expatriates, mainlanders, locals, migrants in transit, residents. Some of them are part of the generic mass while a few others keep outside of the norm.

Perspective is part of the subjective. Open minded as I try to be, I can't ever quite walk through life without my pillars of truth.

Those pillars I am referring to can be seen as ropes tied up to a high ceiling. Please follow me for a while and let us slide down using those ropes. We climb from the familiar down to the unfamiliar. We reach the end of the rope only to find out the rope is not tied to the ground. The butt-end of the rope sweeps the floor, loose. The rope is a metaphor for a point of view which holds fast at one end yet holds no grounds on the other end. The rope thus, represents a viewpoint that is not reciprocated. My pillars of truth have fallen to their ruin.

Properties have a character of invariance. It is the perception of the external object which changes from one individual to another individual (...)
Marc Jeannerod, Le Cerveau Intime

Obvious though no less troubling. While I let go of my set perception and look at my surroundings with a clear view my experiences, my moralities, the basis for my judgment forever intervene with my objective mind.

"I don't like her. She seems to like nobody"
Why? I ask.
"She doesn't smile at anyone."
She may be shy.

Much later in the year, my new "shy" friend and I debate the smile issue. I confide to her my bitterness at watching people watch me in a no-smile exchange. "We get use to it. I do the same now. I don't smile at people anymore." Ah! Not unfriendly. Not shy. Simply integrated.

Is the smile subject to its culture? Can a culture be wrong?

Right or wrong bares no meaning. I have been living in China for the past six years. Like many other expatriates, my pillars of truth, the reference for my living, have shifted. While my pillars used to be a sequence of cause to effect (Descartes), they now are more fluid, allowing for perceptions to flow in a holistic pattern rather than grip around certainty. What I lost in certainty I have gained in broader general understanding. I think reality through its many angles. Thus, I have taken the habit of entering into a conversation saying, "well, it depends…"

"You have a surprising lack of intuition," someone passing through Beijing said to me over a delicious Brazilian fusion lunch. Insight vs. broad sight. I broke down in tears of frustration at my inability to explain the concept of fluid pillars. My theory of objective mind made so much sense to me. My theory: what are the eyes to see but a reality that is not overt, obvious? We must understand what people keep inside may not transpire the whole reality. Universal body language would imply a world without cultural variations. We know this is not the case. That afternoon, I left my companion to finish alone our pork in mustard sauce. I stormed out in a show of dignity (threw my linen kerchief on the table and walked away head high. Smiling.) When I eventually digested the comment this is what came out:

"What you think is not for me to interpret. That's your job. So speak clearly please."

Clearly. My perspective on China is different than what reality is according to: travel guidebooks, "doing business in China" help books, history bibles, trade commissioners' takes on China, official reports, TV channels, my business students, different from my neighbour's perception, and that of my ayi*.

[09:27am, May 24, Wednesday]
My world, my China, my surroundings. The weather is pleasant, my feet are bare. My old dog sleeps on my lap. I have set myself at my folding table sitting on a comfortable wicker pillow-stool from Ikea. In my backyard garden I hear the birds, observe the stray cats soaking up the sun and an Alpha-cat patrolling his domain. A pirated Barbara sings for me on my fake Sony DVD player. I sip my Yunnan coffee-and-milk (Inner Mongolia famous Meng Niu brand) in a China bowl. My Bodum is full. And the German bakery chocolate glazed donut tastes good, morning bakery good. Here is my little heaven away from the chaos of the city. Here I find peace. Here is Mai Zi Dianr beach. Here is my neighbour who strolls in her pyjama. Here is a stinky public outdoor bathroom. Here is the social gathering place of retirees looking for a fresh gossip; here is where dogs crossbreed. Here is where the ayi*s send children to spend their excess energy, releasing them from excessive homework. Here is a junkyard. Here grow bushes of wild roses and prized cactus. "Well, what makes it any different there then anywhere else?" Well, it depends, I say. Here is not China. Here is my China.

Allow me to speak clearly. It does not matter what it is. The only certainty is that it exists. The reality of it is a perspective of infinite truths.

There is the oak. And there is the bamboo.

ayi* a maid a baby sitter a cleaning lady

Thursday, November 23, 2006

It has been a year now

homonumos magazine d'avant garde
It has been a year now since I thought of compiling intelligent writings in as many languages as they come, from as many cultures as are to be found in Beijing. From here and abroad, through trips, chance encounters, replies to authors call, through people's links and personal relations, and most of, through generosity and enthusiasm, homônumos lives.

It has been a year since I called Sandy Sun (Chinese editor) to talk her into yet another out-of-her-bound project. A year since I met Virginie Mangin (editorialist) for a 5 minutes interview, out in the freezing cold, my notes (pages un-numbered) flying in the wind. It has been a year since a friend brought up Anna Sodupe Gallén's name (art director) and I saw my dream of collaborating with the graphic arts of Barcelona via Beijing. To these three ladies, unconditional friendship xox

In the midst of the year, a most important collaboration came about, one who wrote for homônumos, spread the word about homônumos, donated time and financial support, put us in touch with amazing poets from here and abroad. Bob Marcacci is a star.

I never doubted homônumos could come to live, and I never doubted homônumos would have a long life. I hadn't realize the time and finance it would involve in a very pragmatic way. But for the sheer bliss of reading material sent our way, and to sign up the delivery sheet of a new batch (issue), I will pursue my homônumos dream.

Our first issue was delivered in May 2006 in front of my Mai-zi-dianr apartment. I remember seeing only the magazines all wrapped up in brown paper, seeing only those packages and not the SUV that carried them. I walked my arms extended to hold the new baby, and smashed my head against the frame of the jeep. I hadn't seen the jeep at all. The magazines seemed to float on air. I remember hanging an inch from the asphalt with the driver holding me by one arm, and the printer by the other while I smiled beatifically. I got a mild concussion from it. But the smile hasn't worn off totally.

Thank you to all. List of thanks run for a full page in the credits of no1 and no2 issue. My family above all who might live to see the day I support them rather than the reverse. To Virginie's partner who has been and still is a positive feedback of ideas and good wish, to Jenny and Alex at the Bookworm, to all the performers and the creators who contributed time and art through the "Thinking homônumos Thoughts" events, to those who opened their space for our shows, and who distribute homônumos, to those who paid their copies thank you so very much! To the people who never say "it's not possible" "it's been done" "it's too difficult."

There is much room for a helping hand, for growth. Don't hesitate to get in touch J

I have a bottle of Cava I reserved for when I would receive issue no2. Now we may have to share one bubble each but well, "nothing is impossible."

Love peace health success
Christine (cricri /桂花) Bellerose
Chief editor and founder
Homônumos magazine

Blogspot may be blocked from time to time in China.
View for latest updates; sometimes we are unable to load updates on blogspot.

Call to authors: submission for homônumos magazine

homonumos magazine d'avant garde
Latin/Sanskrit/Greek roots. Homônumos means, sharing the same name. "All humans."

Beijing China

homônumos magazine: Avant-garde and experimental: literature, philosophy, science.

Homônumos magazine
Literature Science Philosophy

Call to authors: submission for homônumos magazine
Third Issue
Extended. Deadline submission: 15 Decembre 2006 (re-writes and finals January 2007)
Theme: Infinity
Color: indigo
Note: we've filled poems in English for no.2 quota. Please check with us regarding previously sent material. Some amazing writings are in pre-selection. We will contact you soon.

Fourth Issue
Theme: Language
Color: blue

Fifth Issue
Theme: Intention
Color: Green

Sixth Issue
Theme: Pleasure: seeking pleasure and avoiding displeasure
Color: yellow

Type: Avant-garde literature philosophy science
Publishing rate: magazine published four times per year
Payment: none
Distribution:1000~10 000 copies (Beijing Shanghai. Vancouver Bangkok Hong Kong Paris London coming soon. Your local multilingual multicultural bookshop.)
Print and (with approval, partial) on-line
Cost: 30rmb~35rmb (3euros~3.5euros)
Extra: Annual compilation (fixed payment)

Homônumos Mission
Open an outlet for intelligent, refined, artistic, experimental, daring, non-confrontational writing. Focus on multiculturalism and multilingual. Professionals and amateurs equally considered. The brain is an organ which needs to be cultivated, to be fed. Homônumos encourages the authors to push the limit of their fineness, flair, intelligence, and creativity. Content fusion of cultures (east meets west etc) is a must. An annual publication is in the works, containing the best (hopefully all) works in its full length (no word limitation). Homônumos magazine hopes to foster literacy in its utmost light, making it accessible for all to write. Hence accessible for all to read, albeit never giving into complacency. Homônumos is not an information magazine. Therefore we cannot accept journalistic type stories. The material chosen for print has an intemporal sense. So far, people from nations all over the world including locals in China, have taken part in homônumos.

"The idol of the day …Phoenicians."


Try to work the idea and deliver it to us as a rough. Works in progress (including scribbled notes etc) are most welcome. Finish pieces are not as thought stirring. Concentrate on LITERATURE PHILOSOPHY SCIENCE.

The best way to know what "avant garde" is and what "experimental" means is to google it. Zines (print or on-line) abound. Avant-garde is an 'old' movement but homônumos takes the definition for what it originally meant: forward.

Will do: beautiful literature, thought stirring, avant-garde themes, experimental written organization, word art, possibilities and novel ideas, sensual, ground breaking theories, observation, discoveries, brainiac, nerdy, eccentric, schizophrenic.
Will not do: political, slandering of parties, conspiracy theory, sexually explicit, coming off drugs black cloud rambling, unauthorized reproduction, the expatriate lost in China culture shock theme, journalism of mass.

Written material:
-Short stories (facts, fictions)
-Poems and graphic word
-Essay and thesis (scheme and structure, manifesto, hypothesis, including notes and project drafts)
-Philosophy (thoughts, ideas, insights)
-Lyrics, music composition
-Science (discoveries or hypothesis. Social science. Natural science. Anthropology ethnology. Bio and mechanics. Economics. Politics of betterments. Sustainable development and alternative energy. Cooking. A thought, and a search for a proof. An installation and explanations. A recipe. A map. A graph.)

"The world is not for everyone to understand. Not understanding everything is a positive statement meaning that some things are being understood." Cricri

Image material:
One color+black and empty (white)

Constant fields: character study (Christine Bellerose), editorial (Virginie), yiren (homônumos), special edition loose leaf, architecture, tango, poem, short story, image.

70% English (including all other foreign languages)
30% Chinese (including translation)
Write in your mother tongue. Looking for all and any languages.
Homônumos is a multilingual magazine, with predominance in English language, reserving a space of at least 30% to Chinese script (including translation). The letter from the editor is written in English, French, and Chinese. Homônumos prints work in their original language while translating them in English when space count allows for it.

Word count:
50 words (one page-A5)
300-700 words (two pages-A5)
2000 words (four pages-A5)
First come, first serve. Some writings maybe published in slabs. The projection of annual compilation will be the releasing of full-length writings. In other words, if you have a 3000-words essay, shorten into a summary, or give us a sample.

Original material. Re-prints with approval of original copyright. No plagiarism.
We do not own rights to your writing. If you are thinking to publish it simultaneously, see with us for details.

For submission info,
Subject line mandatory:
[SUB: homonumos (title) (author name)]
Please identify your submission clearly, send as rtf file preferably to avoid virus mailing. Submission hand delivery, fax, please inquire to above email.

Distribution: (Beijing) The Bookworm, Imagine Gallery (Beijing 798 Dashanzi) Red T space, Timezone8, Litou Space, Thinking Hands (DIAF) (Beijing Houhai) One Way Street (soon) (Shanghai) Marienbad café (Chengdu) The Bookworm (soon)
(Bangkok Thailand, Vancouver Canada, coming soon) Forecast: national, international.
Readership: multilingual multicultural outlets. Art galleries and art café. Learning institutions.

If you wish to distribute, or obtain a review copy, please email

Spread the word…
It's a powerful experience.

Founder and Chief editor
Christine Bellerose alias cricri alias 桂花
+86 13522722271 (blocked in China)

About us:
Christine has dabbled in an eclectic procession of arts, from poetry, playwriting, classical guitar, stage drama, classical modern and tango dancing, fashion designing and fashion styling, back to writing. In the midst of it she traveled and lived in many countries. In 2004 she broke the rule that writers can't show with a word installation at Imagine Gallery (Beijing). Her French-English erotic compilation, "The Writhing/Les E-Cris, was published for the event. She has written her first book, Grasshopper, and plowing through the next ones, Process Cheese and Three ghosts. Her published erotica (French) is on Rêve Bébé and Plume Rose, (English) Foreign Affairs: Erotic Travel Tales edited by Mitzi Szereto at Cleis Press. She also performs her work (From Yuanmingyuan to 798 poetry performance (South Gate Space), other poetry performances (Hart cafe DIAF 2006 2005, Bookworm, Sculpting in Time). This May 2006 she launched her homônumos avant-garde and experimental magazine in Beijing (literary philosophy science in English French and Chinese and etc.) Erotica is a recurrent theme in her writing, as well as humor, wit, cultural imagery, and folk myths.

Christine was born in Montreal Canada. She thinks in many languages; speaks French, English, Chinese, and, (mushy) Spanish. Born on the day women never marry (25 November), on the sexiest possible year (69), with an IQ well above the norm, slightly dyslexic, synesthesist, twisted, brainiac, weird or unique. A natural outcast. Picked up writing at a young age, dabbed in the arts all her life, turned to making money in her 30’s, came to China after a short stay in Vietnam, decided money was not all that necessary. Currently pursuing her dream of becoming a famous writer. Forever grateful to Wang Lei (her idol). She came to Beijing (2002) to be part of the artist community, lived in a Chinese house on the outskirts of Beijing, equipped with work in progress courtyard, lotus tubs, and a backhouse with a light bulb. Moved back to Beijing center in 2005. Recently converted to tango dancing and scuba diving. Did plays as amateur, (…) as provocateur. Putting out a literature magazine because. (see Project at a glance) In awe what with realizing there are geeks out in Beijing. Today she lives in Beijing, with her aging canine companion Pirelli

Virginie Mangin

Virginie Mangin is a French journalist living in Beijing. She moved to China from Paris over two years ago in search of something different. Prior to joining homônumos, she participated in the founding of "Transfuge", a French literature magazine in Paris. As well, she contributed to "Summer Times", a radio literary show. Now based in Beijing, she divides her time between working part-time for a news agency, and engaging in artistic activities. Virginie has written many short stories. She is currently working on her first novel.

Art Director
Anna Sodupe Gallén

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Distribution points

Homônumos magazine is available in China for 30rmb
Issue no1, The Norm (out May 2006)
Issue no2, Perspective (out Octobre 15 2006)

Addresses at the bottom
The Bookworm
Imagine Gallery

(Beijing 798 Dashanzi)
Red T space
Litou Space
Thinking Hands (DIAF)

(Beijing Houhai)
One Way Street (soon)

Marienbad café

The Bookworm (soon)

If you wish to distribute, or obtain a copy, please email
(Bangkok Thailand, Vancouver Canada, coming soon)

The Bookworm
Eat Drink Read. www.chengdubookworm
In Beijing: yard 4, Sanlitun South Street, Gongti North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. China.
Tel: (010) 6586 9507, Fax: (010) 6503 2050
In Chengdu: The Bookworm, Section 4 Renmin Nanlu, No 28 (At the side of the Sunjoy Inn), Postal Code: 610041, Chengdu, P.R. China.
Tel: (028) 8552 0177, Fax: (028) 8552 0717

Imagine Gallery
Imagine Gallery gives the opportunity to international artists to come exchanging an artistic experience in Beijing, including with Exhibitions Shows, Artists in Residency programs, Art projects coordination and management.
Feijiacun Donglu, Laiguangying Donglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100103
Hours: Tue-Sun 10:30am-5:30pmTel. 6438-5747 or 13910917965 /

Les E-Cris/The Writhing
French English compilation of erotica novellas written by Christine Bellerose.
The booklet is available through Imagine Gallery

Red T
Beijing-based contemporary culture company bringing exciting talent to the forefront of China’s art and music scenes.
A gallery and company offering friendly advice, investment consulting and introductions to Beijing’s contemporary artist networks. Also offer expert space consulting for pioneering businesses, events or individuals.
Red T Music
Imports and markets cutting edge western music in China. Marketing, licensing and management.
798 Red T Space, P.O.Box 8502, Dashanzi Art District, No.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, 100015 Beijing, P.R. China.
中国北京朝阳区酒仙桥路4号大山子艺术南区8502信箱798红T空间 100015.
email:,, Tel: +86 10 8911 5762/3

Hong Kong based publisher and distributor of books on contemporary art, architecture, photography and design
400 meters inside Factory 798 on the left Timezone 8 Art Books/Xiandai Shudian Beijing Yishu Shuwu (P.O. Box 8503), No 4 Jiu Xian Qiao Road, Beijing 100015, China. Tel: +86 10 8456 0336, Fax: +8610 6431 1226, Email:
Meishuguan Timezone 8 Art Books/Xiandai Shudian Dongcheng Yishu Shuwu , 24-2a Meishuguan, Dongjie (Next to Sanlian Shudian), Beijing 100012, China.
Tel: +86 10 5400 4427, Fax: +86 10 5400 4427, email:

Litou Space
South Area, Dashanzi Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015. Tel: +85 13520287414

Thinking Hands (DIAF)
Facing At Café P.O. Box 8503, n.4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015 China.
Tel: (86 10) 6438 2797, Fax : (86 10) 6437 9737, email:,

One Way Street (soon)

Marienbad café
Facing the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center
Opening hours: 9:30~24:00. Sundays evening movie projection
Tel: +86 21 5404 2909

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Make-my-life-easier offer

Need some fresh air? Get a tree
Need to start a new life? Recycle yourself
Need a break? Find a bench park


is all you need to make your life easier. Let homônumos do the rest.
(Providing us with your name/logo)

Eligibility: locals, nationals, overseas. Tailored for individuals, available to companies.
*This is not an advertising spot. It's more… It's life support!

Plus your Free Gift!
Receive a life-long subscription* to homônumos magazine.
(*One magazine per tree/recycle bin/bench park. 4 issues per year. Annual compilation not included)


Order form
(Area code)
Phone number
Logo provided (yes/no)
Language preference
# Tree
# Recycle bin
# Bench park

*split the bill! Team up on a page.

Once we receive your order to Make-my-life-easier, we will send you a sample of your choice (tree/recycle bin/bench park) with your name posted on it. Your approval guaranties "fresh air" / "new life" / "break time" in homônumos magazine* AND a color certificate. (*Magazine in one color monochrome: Perspective issue no.2 is Pantone Violet)
Corporate: one A5 page
Individuals: one A5 page while supplies last. Forests available.

Thanks for supporting your healthy thoughts community :)

Christine Bellerose
Chief editor and founder
Homônumos magazine

Sponsoring is most welcome.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Word from the editor (English) The Norm issue

homonumos magazine d'avant garde

The Norm issue
May 2006

A word from the editor: on homônumos and the norm

Literature philosophy science. What do they have in common? The discourse of ideas/an idea. Literature pens down images, philosophy principles, science formula. Literature philosophy and science represent the isocèle trigonome of a tri-dimensional thought. A thought running into inquiries, requesting the limits to be probed, be pushed out. Literature philosophy and science are expressions feeding off of each other and in turn influencing each other. The trigonome of thoughts exists in many cultures, of times passed—Phoenician, Classical Greece, Al Andalousia of Christians Jewish and Muslims melting pot of the X-XVI Centuries, Renaissance.

A thought is the fruit of intelligence; the dream is that of its pleasure. Take a dream for a thought is like sweetening your wine with cyanide. (Victor Hugo, Les Misérables)

Intelligence is an application process, recognition, an acknowledgement, and a synthesis. It is an evolutionary process. In a casserole, information gathered through instinct and learning are mixed together, stewed into thought. Creation is the ability to synthesise sensation. Emotion is a request signal to the brain looking to know how to react, how to shield itself from an attack (triggering the signal). An emotion associates itself by (emotional) memory, to various forms of attack (feeling). Society can define feelings. However, it is up to the individual to recognise its own emotions. Symptoms of emotions are quite complex and are rather tedious to control.

Everyone has a dream but most people starve that dream. Most people are in a hurry, and therefore prefer bypassing process of identification to reaction. They are rather satisfied following the prescribed norm.
Homônumos is a celebration of the mind at work. In respect to this mission, homônumos is multi-cultural, multi-lingual. Ideas are never expressed as accurately as they are when voiced in their original tongue. Communication is a practicality: a storm of interactive ideas feeds progress, allows for versatility. From this fire emerges the contemporary state. Homônumos avant-garde? Homônumos retro? This first issue is dedicated to the living memory of our predecessors.

homonumos magazine d'avant garde

Update mid-August 06
homonumos magazine d'avant garde

Hola a todos!
I seem to be blocked from my own blog most of the time…

Almost mid-August. Virginie and I are working on the texts for the upcoming second issue. The Perspective issue should be more solid, more concise than the Norm issue. That's only because of our editorial neatness. Every author, for the Norm, the Perspective, and the coming issues are just amazing!

Anna ( will polish the graphics and the layout at the end of August. And in Septembre homônumos magazine hits the stores. This means we are looking for distribution outlets in Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Chengdu. And outside of China (coming soon to Bangkok Thailand, and Vancouver Canada.)

So, I am excited. Great work coming up from: Christine Bellerose, Virginie Mangin, Allessandro Rolandi, Tara Bethune-Leamen, Noah Eli Gordon, Warren Lloyd, David Friesen, Solange Guo Chatelard, Stefania Moldoveanu, Qing Ping, Jack Raif, Gautier Battistella, William Gatherer, Dr John M. Bennett, Terry Rosenberg, Efe Okogu, Jane Calvin (agent: Felicia Schwartz), Seio Nakajima, Colleen Baran.

The ladies here at homônumos magazine are looking for a hand in:
Proofreaders (English/French/Chinese/Spanish/German/Italian/other languages welcome) illustrator, webdesigner, blogger, events coordination. And of course, always always looking for inventive thoughtful insightful creators and authors. Send us email (

The Norm sells in Beijing at the Bookworm ( and various art galleries in Beijing: Imagine Gallery (www. Red t Space ( Two Lines gallery, as well as art book shops ( and Thinking Hands in Dashanzi (Dashanzi International Art Festival headquarters)

Christine Bellerose
Chief editor
Homônumos magazine

homonumos magazine d'avant garde

homonumos magazine d'avant garde

Friday, July 21, 2006

hola a todos


una blog para homonumos readers. And I am still technically on holiday though while I download and copy fantastic tango music etc i got around to creating our first blog.

Oh oh so happy feliz happy!

Un besoto a Pirelli, and a todos tambien

See you in Beijing next Monday
Christine Bellerose
homonumos magazine d'avant garde
Chief editor