Wednesday, August 09, 2006

homonumos magazine d'avant garde

Update mid-August 06
homonumos magazine d'avant garde

Hola a todos!
I seem to be blocked from my own blog most of the time…

Almost mid-August. Virginie and I are working on the texts for the upcoming second issue. The Perspective issue should be more solid, more concise than the Norm issue. That's only because of our editorial neatness. Every author, for the Norm, the Perspective, and the coming issues are just amazing!

Anna ( will polish the graphics and the layout at the end of August. And in Septembre homônumos magazine hits the stores. This means we are looking for distribution outlets in Beijing/Shanghai/Guangzhou/Chengdu. And outside of China (coming soon to Bangkok Thailand, and Vancouver Canada.)

So, I am excited. Great work coming up from: Christine Bellerose, Virginie Mangin, Allessandro Rolandi, Tara Bethune-Leamen, Noah Eli Gordon, Warren Lloyd, David Friesen, Solange Guo Chatelard, Stefania Moldoveanu, Qing Ping, Jack Raif, Gautier Battistella, William Gatherer, Dr John M. Bennett, Terry Rosenberg, Efe Okogu, Jane Calvin (agent: Felicia Schwartz), Seio Nakajima, Colleen Baran.

The ladies here at homônumos magazine are looking for a hand in:
Proofreaders (English/French/Chinese/Spanish/German/Italian/other languages welcome) illustrator, webdesigner, blogger, events coordination. And of course, always always looking for inventive thoughtful insightful creators and authors. Send us email (

The Norm sells in Beijing at the Bookworm ( and various art galleries in Beijing: Imagine Gallery (www. Red t Space ( Two Lines gallery, as well as art book shops ( and Thinking Hands in Dashanzi (Dashanzi International Art Festival headquarters)

Christine Bellerose
Chief editor
Homônumos magazine

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