Sunday, September 03, 2006

Make-my-life-easier offer

Need some fresh air? Get a tree
Need to start a new life? Recycle yourself
Need a break? Find a bench park


is all you need to make your life easier. Let homônumos do the rest.
(Providing us with your name/logo)

Eligibility: locals, nationals, overseas. Tailored for individuals, available to companies.
*This is not an advertising spot. It's more… It's life support!

Plus your Free Gift!
Receive a life-long subscription* to homônumos magazine.
(*One magazine per tree/recycle bin/bench park. 4 issues per year. Annual compilation not included)


Order form
(Area code)
Phone number
Logo provided (yes/no)
Language preference
# Tree
# Recycle bin
# Bench park

*split the bill! Team up on a page.

Once we receive your order to Make-my-life-easier, we will send you a sample of your choice (tree/recycle bin/bench park) with your name posted on it. Your approval guaranties "fresh air" / "new life" / "break time" in homônumos magazine* AND a color certificate. (*Magazine in one color monochrome: Perspective issue no.2 is Pantone Violet)
Corporate: one A5 page
Individuals: one A5 page while supplies last. Forests available.

Thanks for supporting your healthy thoughts community :)

Christine Bellerose
Chief editor and founder
Homônumos magazine

Sponsoring is most welcome.

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