Thursday, September 06, 2007

Freedom of speech vs. egocentric thoughts

Ultimately a society that restricts freedom of speech is balanced by so many people doing and thinking their own thing.

Politically correct doesn’t apply. White people are white. Black people are black. Yellow people are white...mercury cream and umbrellas. More so than other places I’ve been, conversation starts with “no” (bu). At any moment the listeners interrupt to cry out their opinions, assuming it must be different from their interlocutor. Why? I am not sure. Is an opinion valued only when it is in opposition to the headlining statement? At any rate, I have to remind my students (adults) they get much more out of a discussion (in English) when they stimulate exchange rather than go ahead full on confrontation. Most of the time, a “no” means, “yes, AND also...” I do make them aware their opinion is the same, so why start the sentence with a “no.”

Sidetracking a wee bit here. Though the essence of this blurb remains about people thinking individually in an environment of forced unification. English: Whereas in Spain people are individual with freedom of speech granted mucho, activists gang up and create movements (with strict rules and guidelines, manifesto to be taken seriously) while in China tulips go up on the tv screen when the news introduces a controversial topic, or news source BUT. But it’s unsettling at best having to deal with a Chinese mind owing honest loyalty to themselves truly and only.

In a society where context is dictated, the word stereotype is hard to understand. Not because it isn’t acceptable as a human rights standard, but because outside of oneself, everybody is the “other”, and so every “other” is the same as the “other”. “They” just aren’t “me.” Which means to say, I am very unique.

True freedom of speech/mind is not dictated through manifesto. It is an egocentric verbal/mind frame.

(No judgement were made while weighing the opposing sides.)
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