Thursday, November 23, 2006

It has been a year now

homonumos magazine d'avant garde
It has been a year now since I thought of compiling intelligent writings in as many languages as they come, from as many cultures as are to be found in Beijing. From here and abroad, through trips, chance encounters, replies to authors call, through people's links and personal relations, and most of, through generosity and enthusiasm, homônumos lives.

It has been a year since I called Sandy Sun (Chinese editor) to talk her into yet another out-of-her-bound project. A year since I met Virginie Mangin (editorialist) for a 5 minutes interview, out in the freezing cold, my notes (pages un-numbered) flying in the wind. It has been a year since a friend brought up Anna Sodupe Gallén's name (art director) and I saw my dream of collaborating with the graphic arts of Barcelona via Beijing. To these three ladies, unconditional friendship xox

In the midst of the year, a most important collaboration came about, one who wrote for homônumos, spread the word about homônumos, donated time and financial support, put us in touch with amazing poets from here and abroad. Bob Marcacci is a star.

I never doubted homônumos could come to live, and I never doubted homônumos would have a long life. I hadn't realize the time and finance it would involve in a very pragmatic way. But for the sheer bliss of reading material sent our way, and to sign up the delivery sheet of a new batch (issue), I will pursue my homônumos dream.

Our first issue was delivered in May 2006 in front of my Mai-zi-dianr apartment. I remember seeing only the magazines all wrapped up in brown paper, seeing only those packages and not the SUV that carried them. I walked my arms extended to hold the new baby, and smashed my head against the frame of the jeep. I hadn't seen the jeep at all. The magazines seemed to float on air. I remember hanging an inch from the asphalt with the driver holding me by one arm, and the printer by the other while I smiled beatifically. I got a mild concussion from it. But the smile hasn't worn off totally.

Thank you to all. List of thanks run for a full page in the credits of no1 and no2 issue. My family above all who might live to see the day I support them rather than the reverse. To Virginie's partner who has been and still is a positive feedback of ideas and good wish, to Jenny and Alex at the Bookworm, to all the performers and the creators who contributed time and art through the "Thinking homônumos Thoughts" events, to those who opened their space for our shows, and who distribute homônumos, to those who paid their copies thank you so very much! To the people who never say "it's not possible" "it's been done" "it's too difficult."

There is much room for a helping hand, for growth. Don't hesitate to get in touch J

I have a bottle of Cava I reserved for when I would receive issue no2. Now we may have to share one bubble each but well, "nothing is impossible."

Love peace health success
Christine (cricri /桂花) Bellerose
Chief editor and founder
Homônumos magazine

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LazyGG said...

Hi,this is Vincent.
Nice to see you here!
I hope I can to do some help for your magazine though I need more time to understand it.I can write something in Chinese or take some photographs.
This is my website
Maybe we can have Friends Links. How do you think that?