Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ma jeunesse fout le camp

How come I got from 22 to 40 without warning? There was a time where I was planning to enjoy life as if it would never end – that is if accident, overdose, or cancer would not take me that young. Now I plan my life for another 20 years of healthy mobility and then dubious patches. According to Chinese physiognomy and my long chin I should live old albeit enduring difficult times. I will no doubt end up like my aunty: smart like Einstein but unable to tie my own shoe or eat using a fork.

So this is just to say, happy Chinese New Year. They say it’ll be an impatient year for me, with financial challenges. I’m putting it this way. I’ll be moving to Buenos Aires where hot glistering passion won’t leave me alone to take a cool shower, and money well, damn I’ve never been rich but I always had enough. Apartments in B. A. are bigger than in Beijing. Maybe I can rent half of my flat to an immigrant Chinese family and make a buck out of it. (What!! They make a buck out of me here!)

Gong xi fa cai (all fortune to you)
Hong Bao na lai (give me my money: my red envelope)

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Happy New Year.

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