Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Keep Smiling

Two mornings ago I dreamed I was flying over the snow mountains of Tibet. I could feel the lamaseries (the holiness) but I did not see any. I just flew and looked at all the snow mountain peaks in the bright blue sky. The air was fresh and crisp. I woke up, rolled over, and went on flying.

The whole day I was super hyper active and happy. Super great is coming up! Or else I feel great, nothing more to it. Two days later and I finally managed to calm down somewhat so I don’t need to burn up twice and day take naps to refuel. It looks like I’ll make it though the day without a wink. I’ve had two nights of confused nightmares. It’s hard to keep up with Lhasa.

I suppose I’ve taken some bad decisions. And the dreams are telling me to backtrack, find my sunshine again (could be. I met this guy with pretty brown eyes…nothing more to it.). While I talked to myself looking through changes and resolutions and looking at wrong turns I ride my bicycle past an old old man on the cycling path of Chaoyang park. He’s smiling like he’s not alive anymore. I’m looking around for his cage of pigeon, his dog, no. He’s alone. Smiling. He made eye contact with me. He definitively looks fit and my guess is he’s one of the tai chi grand fathers of the park. The just of it is: he smiled like an angel, like a baby, like a real good feeling smile.
So, I smiled.

Smiling feels good. So good. Everything is so much easier. Damn it, whatever it is, smiling just feels so much better than not. Smile. My snow peak mountains blue sky sunshine return ☺

(If I can smile in Beijing, I can’t imagine what smile I’m going to crack when I retire to the Caribbean…)

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