Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ghost Story

Started sketching out a ghost story after a stay in
Hong Kong late August 2005. I had spent a few days
experiencing the Hungry Ghosts festival, its customs,
its gossips, leafing through newspapers for true
ghosts stories etc. I noted down Miami resort hotel
and its romantic suicides trend.

End of story. Over the following months I developed 3
characters: Mia, the foreigner who got robbed by Hung
the thief. And Chen, the bus driver.

This May holiday I came back to Hong Kong to renew my
visa. At the same time will I tour the city for visits
and tango dancing. A friend lives on Cheug Chau. I had
never been there. I went for a 4 night sleep
over. Cristina (painter recently moved from Beijing to
Cheung Chau) picked me up at the Hung Hong train
station and lead me to her island.

Well, don't you know...Cheung Chau is where Miami
resort motel is. And the island abounds in ghost

My exploration goes on.

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